Guitar Lessons Vía Skype


1) Theory and practice of the guitar 1

* Tuning methods
* Understanding and visualization of the guitar
* Positioning and placement
* Combinations and possible structures (method based on the vision of
Peter Fisher)
* Main short phrases and metronome application. Speed ​​Picking
* Linear phrasing (method based on Yngwie Malmsteen)
* Global vision, analysis and learning of the following scales in the
Totality of the mast (method based on Joe Pass vision): Major, Natural Minor, Melodic Minor (Jazz Minor Scale), Harmonic Major, Minor and Major Pentatonics
* Blues. Techniques and their application in the genre
* Chord Progressions
* Study of elementary improvisation in the blues (phrases based in the perception of Eric Clapton, B.B King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, etc.)
* Study of songs with the use of techniques
* Arpeggios
* Chords of 3 and 4 voices, construction and analysis.
* Study of Rock, Metal, Pop and Fusion, its techniques and application: Tapping, String Skipping, Sweep Picking, Basic Picking, Basic Legato
* Focus and elementary improvisation with the main techniques.
* Study of Songs and exercises under its main exponents
* Rhythmic and elementary domain in the basic styles for the accompaniment

2) General Theory of music 1.
* Signs of writing and reading, regulations and study
* Scale and intervals, investments.
3) Rhythmic solfeo 1.
* Introduction to solfeggio
* 5 lessons of rhythmic solfege and musical dictation under simple compasses


1) Theory and practice of the guitar 2.

• Modal Scales, development, logic and employment.
• Modal progressions and modal improvisation.
• Manners of different scales, chords applied to them.
• Unusual Pentatonic Scales, study and analysis.
• Funk and its rhythmic variants.
• Jazz:
– Elementary progressions
– Jazz – fusion
– Study and use of the swing
• Polychords.
• Study of themes of great masters of academic music (classics) brought to the electric guitar.
• Modified Blues (based on the vision of Steve Morse, Eric Johnson, etc.); Scale and main ideas.
• Rock Fusion:
Techniques employed by Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, Van Halen, Kirk Hammet, Slash, etc. Focus on improvisation.
• Accentuation and Intensity

2) General theory of music 2.
• The tonality
• Compass theory
• Abbreviations and ornaments for musical writing and reading

3) Rhythmic solfege 2.

• 12 lessons of rhythmic solfege under compound compasses


* Harmony

$ 55 x 4 classes of 30 minutes. Weekly classes (Single monthly payment)
$ 100 x 4 classes of 1 hour. Weekly classes (Single monthly payment)
$ 15 x 1 30-minute class

Classes are dictated via Skype.

For the classes it is necessary to have:
– Guitar
– Amplifier and cable 1/4
– Microphone and Webcam